Even though September is my favourite month, I am quite sad about the bike season ending.

A few years ago, while I was still at my old job, I needed to walk 2miles to get to work. That’s when I bought my absolute favourite, stylish, yellow vintage bicycle. I absolutely adore it! I would use it to get to work, everyday. I have to say, those were the best commute days ever.

Especially, when the weather was lovely. This bike is not only stylish, it’s super comfy. I absolutely love riding on it and I love how awesome it looks.
I love exploring new areas on the bike. It gives you ability to go far without being exhausted and see everything you want to see without needing to look for a parking space, or be stuck in the traffic.

It just gives you another level of experience. Perfect for people who love phtoographing what they see. You can just dump your stuff in the basket andgo exploring. How awesome is that?

£227.75 at Amazon

E every year in May, I dust this bike off and go for a nice ride. It’s my way of welcoming Spring and sun. It’s my way of waking up from a long Winter we have in the UK. Not to mention, it’s always a great excuse to take my camera out and shoot some pictures.

You may not know this about me, but I used to go everywhere with my camera. I loves playing around with the settings, finding new spots, new perspectives. My friends would have thousands of photos I took of them, because I mainly loved to take pictures of people.

Nowadays, when I have less time to do that, it feels even more special when I go out and do it. On a stylish bike, of course.

What can I say, I like stylish.

Hi, I'm Alex!
Brand Stylist, Web designer & Digital Strategist at my company, Adored Designs.

I live in a small town in Somerst, UK with my hubby, live for coffee and books + absolutely love blogging. After quitting my job at Jimmy Choo I started my own business to be able to do what I want, live where I want and have more control over my life.


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