I love a moodboard. Especially because I’m a designer who specialises in editorial, e-commerce and web design.

Mood boards are a way for me to gather my inspiration, my thoughts and decide on the style I’m going to go with. It’s also a visual brief making it easier to stay consistent during the project.

What I also love to do is to create visual boards. I’m a firm believer in taking our lives into our own hands. Putting our dreams on paper and visualising to get familiar with the new way of life we want to manifest. What’s a better way of doing that, than creating a beautiful board that’s going to remind us of it daily? What we want to achieve, where we’d like to go or who we’d like to meet?

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a stylish board using stuff you may not associate with the word “stylish”. We’re going to use mesh grid found in a home store, a can of gold spray paint and wooden vintage pegs. It’s going to take us around 2 hours (if you count the pain drying time). We’re going to end up with a really cool board you can find on Etsy for at least a £30. The thing is, you’re going to pay around £10.

Did I grab your attention? Let’s get to it!

What we’re going to need for this project:

1. A wire mesh, Homebase, £1.98       2. A gold spray paint, Wilko, £3.95      3. Wooden vintage mini pegs, Etsy, from £1.99

We’re going to paint the wire moodboard gold, but you can use whatever colour you prefer. You can even not paint it at all, to achieve more of an industrial style – that’s cool, too!

Remember to prepare the area you’re going to paint your moodboard on. If you can, always go outdoors. After all, spray paint is super toxic and you will breathe in a lot of it.

If you have to do it indoors though, open all windows wide and use a thick paper as a base for your board. You don’t want the pain on your carpet, do you?
 Spray paint it holding the can around 30cm away from the board. Cover one side, then let it dry. Do the same with the other one.
The spray paint I used dries in around an hour, so it was all super quick to do.
The paint dries quickly, but it becomes hard over the next 24 hours, so stop yourself from pinning stuff on the board for a day or two if you can.

I dare you.
When it’s all dried and ready to use, you can start pinning! Depending on what mood board you’d like to achieve: pin either stuff that inspires you somehow (like quotes and beautiful places), or things you’d like to have if it’s a vision board.

I created two moodboards: one of them is in my home office and I use it to gather inspo for my new projects: I’m a designer, after all.

The second one is in my kitchen, right above the table. It works as a vision board for both me and my hubby. We pin there quotes we want to see often, photos of places we want to visit, a photo of our dream home and stuff like that.
It’s amazing how this moodboard inspires you in the morning when you’re having your breakfast looking at it. You start your day with a totally different attitude than without it. I really, REALLY think it’s responsible for most of the inspiration and motivation I find in myself everyday.

Ready to create your own moodboard? Tell me how it went in the comments or share it on Insta, using the #adoredboard hashtag.

Hi, I'm Alex!
Brand Stylist, Web designer & Digital Strategist at my company, Adored Designs.

I live in a small town in Somerst, UK with my hubby, live for coffee and books + absolutely love blogging. After quitting my job at Jimmy Choo I started my own business to be able to do what I want, live where I want and have more control over my life.


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