We spend money almost everyday. We always pay our attention and focus to something, right? What if we spend some of that money on our self-development? What if we paid actual attention to our feelings, dreams, passions and emotions?

Today, I wanted to challenge you to start investing your money, focus, time and energy in yourself.

I know, it might not be something you’re used to and it might not be something you were taught to do. After all, it all sounds really selfish.

I’m not saying to you: “go and buy yourself a new pair of shoes”, although this is also something you should do, if you want to!

I’m talking about investing in your progress, skills, character, passions and everything that gives your life purpose. What I learned over the past few years is that you’re the only person who’s going to determine your future. Will it be your career, love life, passions or anything else. The more you have, the more you can give to yourself and others.

Today, let’s talk about 5 reasons why I think you should always invest in yourself and how to get rid of the mind blocks that keep you from doing it.

You’re the only person who’s going to determine your future.

5 reasons why you should always invest in yourself

1. Whatever you learn can never be taken away from you.

You can loose things, job positions, friends or relationships, but this one thing can never be taken away from you. Whatever you learn, stays with you. I’m talking not only hard skills like learning new software or language, but also soft skills like becoming more patient and determined. Also, each of your experiences bring you closer to what you want, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

That’s why it’s really important that you always learn the lessons you are given, learn new skills and try to develop your character and get rid of mind blocks whenever you see them.

When you start doing that, you’ll notice a big improvement in your life, in your happines and in your circumstances.

2. It gives you power.

When you learn new things or experience new things, you show yourself you’ll be all right not matter what happens. This gives you a tremendous sense of power that in turn makes you feel calm and grounded.

3. You empower and inspire others to do the same.

When you invest your time, money, effort and focus in yourself and your passions, you empower others to do the same. Then, suddenly, you start noticing people around you become more interesting. Have you ever experienced that?

Instead of being surrounded by people who are always only daydreaming about their perfect job or business, circumstances or following their passion, you start attracting people who are as passionate and invested in their dreams as you are.

You become a magnet for interesting people and people you love, who struggled with following their dreams suddenly start taking action inspired by you.

4. Your net worth increases.

We all want to move forward in life and our careers, but not many people do anything about improving their skills or character. What I learned, is that when you become better  – people notice and opportunities come your way.

Of course you need to be proactive, because nothing is going to come to you by itself, but when it does, you’re ready.

Your boss sees you are getting better everyday, your friends start asking you for advice and you can see a whole you horizon and loads of new things that you’d like to explore next.

5. You become stronger and more grounded.

We all want to Investing the time to medidate and journal on my mind blocks helped me move forward with my life and business. It helped me feel stronger and more grounded.

I’m a recovering workoholic and giving myself time to rest and just be, as well as hear my own thoughts and work through some of my mind blocks helps me tremendously. 

It’s not easy at first, especially if you’re used to just doing, doing, doing, like I was. 

It’s worth it though, because you can never be as strong as you’d like to be when you’re running on reserves. And you can never be intelligent as you’d like if you’re not grounded and out of balance.


You become a magnet for interesting people.

So how do you start?

What helped me, was realising that whaveter I put in myself is an asset that helps me grow.

Spending time

It can be difficult at first to let yourself stop working and spend time just being, meditating or journaling. If you’re anything like me, you’r mind will go: “OMG I’ve got such a long to-do list and I’m sitting here doing nothing.”. You may want to try to trick yourself into “resting while doing something productive”. I’d challenge you not to do that and just be with this uncomfrotable feeling of “wasting time”. You’ll see big improvement in yor efficiency and endurance afterwards.

Spending money

Buying a course worth a few $k or hiring a coach seems super scary sometimes, especially when you just quit your job and are starting your business or simply don’t have the funds. My experience is though, that usually those investments bring you much more laverage and money after you make them.

Investing in yourself is always scary, but it’s trusting yourself enough to know that you are worth it and you will use this to your advantage is that makes it all easier.

You need to put something in, to be able to put out. Stop running on reserves and always wasting money on stuff you don’t need. Instead, invest your funds and effort in your own development and see how your life improves.


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